We use various spices everyday without actually knowing its full benefits. As far as we are concerned, spices are ingredients that add flavor to the food. The ignorant me was also a believer of this nonsense. When to care to look deeper, each of these spices has its value and can play a bigger role to keep us healthy and fit. In fact one single spice would have versatile uses. It does not take much effort to include them in the daily diet. Just a hint daily and you will see that you have fewer illnesses.

  • Cinnamon is widely known to regulate the blood sugar levels. What we don’t know is that it can also fight cancer and strengthen the cardio vascular system. It is one ingredient that ladies must use to alleviate the menstrual cramps. It can also take part t strengthen the immune system. Add a liberal sprinkle of cinnamon over the dessert, make it into tea, or just add in any dish.
  • Cumin is a spice that mainly concentrates on digestion. It can release intestinal gas and could also use for various skin problems. You could add a few cumin seeds in your drinking water to use the benefits daily. It makes perfect taste for those Indian and Mexican dishes. Ground the seeds and use it as seasoning in salads, soups, stews etc.
  • Ginger is a powerful medicinal spice that can be used grated, ground, or made into tea. It is excellent aid for digestion and can reduce inflammation faster. The benefits of this spice runs also in relieving migraines, curbing motion sickness as well as to fight cancer. Ginger could be made into a tea, add in to your tea, Green or black, it tastes awesome.
  • Mint I just love the green fresh mint leaves. The cooling effect is just what I need in the hot season. Use it in the cold drinks, lemonade food, sauce, dips etc. It can help with nausea, digestion problems, headache, oral care, skin problems and also somewhat in weight management. Marinate the chicken or fish with some freshly ground mint leaves for some extra flavor and punch. Mint tea after a tiring day is the best relaxation your body could get.
  • Onion is an integral part of or daily diet. There could hardly be any day that we don’t use this vegetable. The sulfur in this can cure many ailments. Onion slices have become the rage of the seasons to reduce the seasonal flu and cold. It can also reduce cancer risk, lower the blood cholesterol, and treat coughs. Onion juice can boost the hair growth and can also treat acne, did you know that!
  • Turmeric: Ah, there is nothing much to tell about turmeric than it is one-for-all-diseases. There is hardly any ailment that can stand a chance against turmeric. Use it in any kind of dishes, soup, stew, you name it. Its wound healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities makes it a strong contestant to be used externally also.

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It would be a good idea to incorporate atleast one of these wonders in the daily diet. Many of these are also fit to use in combinations as well. You wil never find as much correlation between the chemical drugs as these herbs do. They are never harmful and can boost the health on daily basis. All of these are capable of preventing and treating diseases. If prevention is what you have in mind, use these wonders on daily basis.