The ZEN Sleep anti snoring starter kit has 3 products. Zen Guard, Zen Strap and Zen Vents. Zen Guard is basically a tongue retaining device that opens up all the obstructions that lead to snoring. Zen Strap is a device that supports the lower jaw and stops mouth snoring. Zen Vents helps to maximize the airflow in the nose and prevents nose snoring.
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Zen Sleep Anti Snoring Starter Kit Includes

Product Name Zen Guard Zen Strap Zen Vents
Product Type Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD) Jaw Stabilizing Device(JSD) Nose Stabilizing Device (NSD)
Cost of product at $ Approximately 89 Approximately 49 Approximately 49
FDA Approval of a product Approved Approved Approved
Is the product Clinically verified? Yes Yes Yes
Is the product BBB Certified? Yes, A+ rating Yes, A+ rating Yes, A+ rating

Zen Sleep Anti Snoring Starter Kit

Zen Sleep Anti Snoring Features

  • The Zen Guard holds the tongue straight in the mouth so that it doesn’t relax back into the throat and vibrate which is primarily the reason for snoring using suction at the tip of the tongue to hold it in place.
  • Zen Strap helps the jaw to adjust and help the users recover from the trouble of snoring.
  • Zen Vents is specially designed for nose and it makes the airflow through nose really easy.
  • There is a 90-day partial money-back guarantee from ZENSLEEP(as the returns require a 25% environmental disposal fee). It is a personal use product which can cause diseases, the disposal has to be under proper control.
  • The materials used for each of the products under the Zen Sleep Package is BPA free, and the price is truly reasonable.
  • It is simple to use and requires no fitting.
  • Zen Guard is effective at preventing the vibrations of the back of the tongue and other soft tissues of the palate which causes snoring.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is caused mainly due to the following reasons.

A narrowing of the upper airway during sleep leading to large tonsils and uvula, a soft palate, and over-relaxed muscles and tongue falling back into the oropharynx.

Snoring occurs because air travels faster through the narrowed airway causing the relaxed soft tissues of the throat ( tonsils, soft palate, uvula or excessive flabby tissue ) to vibrate. This vibration is the sound of snoring.

In some cases, nasal congestion from allergies, nasal cavity deformities and internal obstructions, can contribute to the narrowing of the airway.

Is snoring really harmful?

Snoring is definitely not good for your general health as it may lead to Obstructive Sleep Apnea if not treated properly.

Pros and Cons of Zen Sleep


  • Free shipping—The Zen Sleep offers free shipping within the United States without any charges. Hence once you order, the package will reach your doorsteps free of shipping charges.
  • Affordable Price—Zen Sleep is comparatively less expensive. You can save up to 45% (down to $49 per unit) if you buy 4 or more products from Zen Sleep.
  • Lasts Long—As the materials used are of really good quality, the product will certainly last longer.
  • No fitting required—You don’t have to boil and bite the equipment as it comes in a much better user-friendly shape.


  • It may fall off—The product may fall down till the suction gets right(Zen Guard) and, it shouldn’t also be too tight as too much pressure can cause tongue numbness, discoloration, and soreness.
  • It makes your tongue hurt—If you are using Zen Guard, to get adjusted to the new position, the muscles of your tongue need to get used to the new position, which takes a little time. New users will experience some tongue soreness, and it will take 3 – 5 days of use for this to go away.

The information on the company website is inadequate.
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Who all can use Zen Sleep?

The Zen Sleep is highly recommended for those who experience mouth or throat snoring as Zen Vents which comes along with the package helps to open nasal passages to enable easier breathing.

Pricing & Purchase Details of Zen Sleep?

The basic model costs approximately $89.You can choose from a combination of Zen Sleep snoring products like zen sleep with a Zen Mask (sleep mask), Zen Vents nasal vents, and Zen Strap (chin strap) according to your need.
There are offers like buy 2 Zen Sleeps for 16% off, and buy 3 for 27% off, or buy 4 for 49% off, and additional savings are available.

On Amazon, you can buy a 5-in-1 kit, which offers 5 Zen Sleep products for $77.

How do I know which ZenSleep product is right for me?

Before taking a purchase decision, make sure that you read all the individual product descriptions about the package and choose the one/ones that will meet your needs as there are different products for either mouth snorers or nose snorers or even a combination of both.

There are many anti-snoring devices on the market; what makes the ZenSleep better?

There are specialized kits depending on the snoring location. The innovative starter kit helps you to identify what actually is your problem. It is advised to try the varieties on your own and test for results.

How does Zen Sleep work?

There are unique products like Zen Guard for throat snoring, Zen Strap for mouth snoring and ZenVents for nose snoring. In order to have the best results, try a combination of products and repeat use.

Lucky customers may get a free bonus, ZenSleep Starter Kits includes ultra comfortable 3D sleep ZenMask and silicone reusable ear ZenPlugs along with Zen Sleep Starter Kits.

Does Zen Sleep work for sleep apnea?

Yes, but only for mild sleep apnea only. Strong sleep apnea may require medical treatments.

Where to buy Zen Sleep?

Zen Sleep can be purchased either through the company website or through Amazon.

Advantages of Using Zen Sleep Product Combo

The Zen Sleep works to quiet throat and mouth snoring and is found to last longer than most of its competitor products under normal use and care.

When compared to the competitor products, Zen Sleep is quite affordable and the combo offers are really attractive. The US customers can receive the product without spending shipping charges.

The quality of the materials helps the Zen Sleep products last long if used under proper care and is non-toxic and is BPA free.

The Zen Sleep has A+ in BBB rating.

The product is portable and comes with a convenient carrying and storage case that helps for sanitary storage.

Disadvantages of Using Zen Sleep

Zen Sleep will not show good results for those who have sinus-generated snoring issues.

Getting adapted to the product will take longer time and the users of Zen Guard will experience tongue soreness at first.

The website doesn’t such as how long the product lasts, or whether it works with dentures or not.

Zen Sleep Anti Snoring Kit Reviews

87% of the users have given 5 Star Rating for Zen Sleep. Below given are some among them.

  • “I simply loved ZENSLEEP. I have tried many nose strips to recover from my breathing problems during the night and finally came across ZenVents which is really comfortable as it opened my nostrils for unobstructed breathing. I highly recommend the same!”Michael P
  • “This is actually a miracle. The 5 in 1 Stop Snoring Kit truly works. It is so surprising that a combo of 5 products has made such a great difference in my (and my spouse’s) quality of sleep. I sincerely thank ZenSleep”Jennifer.
  • “What do I tell? It really works. It gives you a feeling like you are wearing a mouth guard at night and the tongue feels a little weird, It helps the users to wake up fresh! I love this product very much!”Daniel F

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The general online review of this product is good and it is awarded 4.5 rating out of 5. It is an effective product at an affordable price. ZenSleep has a dedicated sleep lab and all the products are made through clinical testing. ZenSleep uses only BPA free materials and guarantees comfort and care.